Dev'up : a tailor made support

As your first business partner, DEV'UP CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE is a unique gateway to set up in Centre Val de Loire and provides customised, free and confidential support.

DEV'UP is the regional agency for economic development in Loire valley region in connection with all administrations, clusters, training and financial institutions;  Through its 6 local branches, DEV'UP gathers local territories, business and institutionnal networks, industries, setting up opportunities.  We are the partner of Business France, involved in CHOOSE FRANCE operations.


Our key success factors :

  • a tailormade service and long-term support and advice during all the steps of your project
  • a unique regional offer that complies with your project's specifications (creation of buildings/premises/offices, extensions and partnerships, land, Human Resources, regional aids, regulations, etc.)
  • an In-depth knowledge of the regional territory and an easy access to local authorities, territories  and partners
  • able to build uo aconsortium to offer solutions for the investors (real estate, HR, funding)
  •  a free and customized implementation support service
  •  a project manager for your project


  • Regional business services and support Guidance for companies
  • Engage local economic stakeholders
  • Connect you to the regional ecosystem
  • Tools and services to help with your set-up
  • Regional financial support
  • Tailor-made, free and confidential support

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