Aeronautics and defense

1 hour from Paris
1 international freight airport at Châteauroux
334 companies
24,240 jobs
Centre-Val de Loire Region, in the heart of Europe

A leading role for aero sub-contracting
in a wide range of activities


A dedicated cluster supporting collaboration and innovation, coordinating a national supply chain performance and improvement program and supporting think tanks and collective intelligence units:

  • GIFAS associate member (Aéronautiques et Spatiales - French aerospace industry association)
  • Collaboration with european clusters in Portugal (PEMAS) and Spain (HEGAN, HELICE and AEROSPACE).
  • Organising Loire Valley Region aeronautical business meetin


Local business association gathering 45 SME in the aeronautic industry (support, collaboration and promotion target)

Dedicated Research and technique centers


R&D center for Elastomer material, elastomer durability and resistance study
IMT in Tours

CETIM Centre Val de Loire

Prototyping, defect analysis of workpieces, metrology, welding
IMT in Tours


Energy and alternative fuel studies, space propulsion
IMT in Tours


Material and microstructure lab Thermal and mechanical studies in temperature and pression in extreme conditions
IMT in Tours


Regional center for electronic applications dedicated to aeronautics
IMT in Tours

Training proposals for all kinds of business projects !

Technical colleges, universities and 4 school engineers: aeronautic and space industry trainings in electronics, production organization, optics and fluid mechanics Tailor made trainings by the regional Council

Châteauroux Centre airport a unique facility in France

Châteauroux Centre airport a unique facility in France

Freight service, maintenance, pilot training, airport firecrew training, aircraft dismantling, two taxiways - two by-pass taxiways CAT 1 ILS (Category 1 Instrument Landing System)

An airfield representing 440 hectares combining parking area, with light markers and night-time lighting: 2,000 sqm of terminal and offices, 7,000 sqm of cargo wharehouse, 18,000 sqm of aircraft hangars
Fabrice Berthelot

« The Loire Valley Region made history in the aeronautical industry and in particular here where Marcel Bloch the founder of Dassault established some decades ago. We still benefit from this favorable ecosystem for our industry and enjoy: up to date facilities, dedicated skills, quality of life and an effective support for companies from local authorities, definitely an outstanding place to set up an aeronautical business. »

Fabrice Berthelot
PGA Avionics

They chose the Loire Valley Region and invest

DAHER Esterline Lisi AEROSPACE MBDA Radiall Safran

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