> France’s leading region for production of high-quality oak
>3,900 companies and 25,000 employees
> 950,000 hectares of woodland
> 3 wood-energy supply platforms

With some 940,000 hectares of woodland at its disposal, the Centre-Loire Valley region is one of France’s great forest regions. French leader for production of high-quality oak, the region’s wood sector is by no means to be dismissed : forest works for the primary and secondary processing industry.

The region provides a wide range of training courses in preparation for careers in the forestry and wood industry sectors. Major research also goes on in the Centre Loire Valley region, with several bodies located there, in Loiret in particular.

The wood industries main specialities

Sawmilling of oak wood, sawmilling of coniferous wood, parquet and flooring, panels, furniture, wood energy and wood for construction.


Created in 1987 in the form of a CRITT (Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer), ARBOCENTRE became the “Association de l’Interprofession de la Filière Forêt Bois en Région Centre” in 1996.





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