Val de Loire :

> Val de Loire, France’s leading winegrowing area for still white wines
> Val de Loire, France’s 3rd winegrowing region in AOC volume

3rd French wine region, the Loire Valley produces a wide variety of wines, with its temperate climate and diverse terroirs. Wine production in the French Centre-Loire Valley region is distinguished by its quality, with almost 85 % of PDO wines, against 50 % at the national level, and oriented white wines, representing more than half of the production output.

The Loire and its tributaries play a major role as climate moderators, creating conditions that are particularly favourable to winegrowing. The French Centre-Loire Valley region’s vineyards grow a wide range of grape varieties adapted to its terroirs and to the Val de Loire’s northern climate. Loire wines have the advantage of unusually rich soils with very considerable variety from one area to another, all of which adds to their quality and originality.
The region’s wines are produced in two major areas:

  • wines from Touraine : Bourgueil, Chinon, Vouvray, etc.
  • wines from the Centre : Sancerre, Menetou-Salon, Quincy, Reuilly, etc.


The Centre-Loire valley region’s main appellations

Bourgueil, Cheverny, Chinon, Coteaux du Loir, Coteaux du Gienneois, Crémant de Loire, Ménetou-Salon, Orléans Cléry, Quincy, Reuilly, Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil, Sancerre, Vouvray

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