Transport and Logistics

> 1,158 establishments
> 26,379 employees
> 1 hour from Paris 
> 3 hours’ flight from Europe’s major economic centres
> 1 day by lorry from national economic centres
> 9 motorways crisscrossing the region for over 1,000 km
> 1 cargo freight airport at Châteauroux-Centre

With regard to logistics and goods flow management in France, the French Centre-Loire Valley region has the advantage of ideal positioning at the epicentre of a logistics network that enables companies to distribute their products to anywhere in France in less than a day.

As a result, large numbers of industrial players and service providers have been able to optimise their national and even European logistics with the Centre-Loire Valley region as a starting point. We may, for example, cite the Wyeth Laboratories national distribution centre, the Procter & Gamble and Pfizer European platforms, the Vivarte national distribution centre and Sephora.

The logistics and transportation sector’s key companies

Groupe Norbert Dentresangle, ITM Logistique International, Groupe Deret, Amazon Logistique, Geodis Calberson, FM Logistics, Stef, Logidis Comptoirs Modernes, Le Seyec, Uniroute

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