Railway industry

> 116 suppliers and subcontractors

> More than 6,400 jobs

> A trade surplus

>A strong specialization in mechanical engineering and metal working

The railroad industry offers real development opportunities, particularly in the French Centre-Loire Valley region, where it accounts for 119 companies and employs more than 6,400 employees.

The railway industry includes rolling stock, equipments, wheels and axles, signaling, control and communication, as well as repair / maintenance. In France, they generate an annual turnover of 4.2 billion euros, of which almost $ 1 billion (22%) for export.
With its extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors, the railroad industry in the French Centre-Loire Valley region 116 establishments and more than 6,400 jobs. Boosted by a growing global market and many initiatives in favor of rail transport, this industry offers real opportunities for regional businesses.

The railroad industry sector’s key companies

Faiveley, Ateliers d’Orval, Socofer, Barat Paramet, Minerva, Delta Métal, Ecofit, JSM Perrin, Lorilleux, Omeca System, Ouest Industrie…

Fields of expertise

Mechanics, metalworking, tires, wagons, electronics and electrical equipment, safety equipment, industrial computer...

An innovative capacity accompanied by clusters and public laboratories

  • S2E2 (Smart Electricity Cluster) technology and smart grids serving the energy management
  • Elastopôle (rubber): lighter materials, eco-design, composites ...
  • The CEA Ripault, Cetim-Certec and Ceroc : focusing on mechanical and materials research

Training courses

Mechanics and production, control and development of materials, science and materials engineering, Industrial maintenance, School of Engineering...


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