Horticulture and nursery gardening

> 2nd French region for garden nursery
> 3rd for production of bank plants
30 % of national seedling production, 20 % of national rose production
2,228 jobs, 387 businesses

With 9 % of domestic production sales, the Centre-Loire Valley region is the third basin French horticultural production and the european leader in the production of nursery seedlings. It has some big names in the profession, an experimental station nationwide, as well as many small businesses.

The Centre-Loire Valley region is one of France’s leading horticultural regions and is also a European leader in ornamental horticulture, particularly with regard to seedlings.

The region is noted for the variety of its horticultural and garden nursery products, an affirmation of its standing as a true “garden of France”, a title confirmed by such creations as the Floral Park in Orleans and events like the Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire (Loir-et-Cher).
The know-how and dynamism of the sector’s professionals is helped along by experimentation platforms and highly effective training schemes designed to be reactive to developments in the sector.

The horticultural sector’s key companies

Horti Sologne, Bauchery et Fils, Pépinières Travers, Pépinières Lavedeau, Javoy Plantes, Floriades de l’Arnon, Marionnet SARL, Pépinières de Vilde, Tourly

CDHR Centre-Val-de-Loire

The CDHR Centre-Val-de-Loire horticultural development centre is a technical tool at the service of horticulture professionals. A 6-person team carries out work on securing the act of production, supporting differentiation strategies and advancing towards sustainable horticulture. As a member of the Astredhor network, it contributes to future technical developments in the sector at both regional and national level, and encourages companies to implement new practices.



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