Environment and new energies

> 400 establishments

> More than 12,000 jobs

For 10 years, the Environment sector has grown significantly in the French Centre-Loire Valley region. Today, the Environment sector "Water Management - Waste Management - Recycling" counts over 400 establishments, representing more than 12,000 jobs.

The DREAM competitive cluster

The DREAM (Sustainability of Water Resources Associated with Milieus) competitive cluster focuses on water as a resource in its own right, but one that is totally dependent on the other milieus and ecosystems with which it is associated, such as the soil, substrata, forestland or biodiversity.

The wind power sector

3rd French region in terms of wind energy (for power already installed), the French Centre-Loire Valley region welcomes projects and industrial and service activities in the field.

Did you know ?

The Centre-Loire Valley region:

  • is the 3rd french region for production of wind energy
  • is a major centre of research on geothermal energy
  • becoming a “major market for photovoltaic solar power”
  • contains numerous companies, major international groups and regional SMEs alike, with remarkable research capacities in the field of energy sources
  • is a pioneer in the setting up of professional certifications bearing on new energies for the building sector
  • is one of Europe’s largest Diester colza producing regions
  • boasts major forest resources for provision of wood energy
  • has an European-scale technology platform, ALHyance, that provides a pole of excellence in the fields of materials and energies engineering
  • is home to the “Sciences et Systèmes de l’Energie Electrique” (S2E2) competitive cluster.

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