Electronics industry

> 153 establishments
> 13,726 employees
> Export turnover : 968 million euros in 2009
> 1 Competitive Cluster : S2E2

France is a major producer in the fields of medical electronics, aeronautics, defence, economical energy and telecommunications, all markets that require use of high value-added technologies. With a total of 153 establishments and over 13,700 jobs, electronics is an important sector in the French Centre-Loire Valley region, with a diversified industrial fabric to back it up.

The Centre Loire Valley region is home to such world leaders in the electronics manufacturing field as STMicroelectronics, Thalès Avionics, along with a large number of SMEs and SMIs, Research and Development laboratories and centres, and the S2E2, “Sciences et Systèmes de l’Energie Electrique” competitive cluster.
The region’s companies have developed technical expertise in a number of growth fields such as high-precision mechanical engineering, avionics, and energy efficiency.

The electronics industry sector’s key companies

STMicroélectronics, Thales Avionics, FCI Automotive, Asco Joucomatic, Alcatel Lucent, Auxitrol, Radiall, JTEKT-HPI, Cilas, HF Company, MSL Circuits

S2E2 Competitive cluster

The S2E2 competitive cluster encompasses over 90 companies (groups and SMEs/SMIs), and many research centres and training bodies. Its objective is optimisation of electrical energy from source to use, incorporating storage, conversion and distribution. It is active on three markets : energy management in buildings, energy-efficient equipment and new sources of energy.
The cluster’s main mission is to encourage and support collaborative R&D projects between companies, research centres and training bodies.




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