Aeronautics and defence

> 321 establishments

> More than 18,700 employees

> 1 industrial airport : Châteauroux-Centre (freight, dismantling, maintenance, training ...)

The aviation industry
 is a high-performance, innovative, up-to-the-minute activity that does a great deal to help France’s international reputation.
In the Centre-Loire valley region of France, it emploies nearly 19,000 people, accounts for a total of 321 subcontractors and includes numerous laboratories that have formed partnerships with the sector’s main contractors. The region also boasts an airport devoted to freight transport and pilot training.

The aeronautics sector’s key companies in the French Centre Loire Valley region

Thalès Avionics, Zodiac Seats, MBDA, Paulstra, Michelin, Mecachrome, Daher Aerospace

Aerospace  industry fields of expertise

Metallurgy, cabin fixtures and fitting, instruments to aid piloting and navigation, maintenance, aircraft construction, airborne armaments, satellite telecommunications, etc.

Aerocentre cluster

Aérocentre is a regional pole of excellence that brings together companies working in the aeronautics sector, of which there are over 321 in the Centre-Loire Valley region of France. Its mission is to develop, federate and innovate with regard to aeronautical activities at national and international level – in all, a collective approach that seeks to promote the sector and increase the visibility of the expertise of the companies that make it up.



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