7 reasons to choose the Centre-Loire Valley region

> A qualified and available workforce

> Lower wage costs that the national average

> An intake of 60,000 students each year

> Over 20,000 apprentices

> A large number of training courses 

A wide range of skills in the Centre-Loire valley region serving businesses.

The Centre-Loire valley region's diverse economic fabric reflects the variety of skills represented in the region, which has extremely rich resources in terms of know-how.
Moreover, compared to the Ile-de-France region, salaries in Centre-Loire valley region, regardless of socio-professional category, are significantly lower, with an average 25% difference for middle management salaries*.

Lastly, with 41 Apprentice Training Cent­res, 2 university campuses in Orléans and Tours and engineering and management schools, the Centre-Loire valley region welcomes almost 60,000 students each year. This pool of new skills helps to maintain a dynamic labour force in the region - a population which moreover comprises an increasing number of working people, notably Parisians who are drawn, among other factors, by an outstanding quality of life.

*Source: Insee, 2010 Annual declaration of social service information


Logistical region
Strong industry
International attractiveness
Recognised R&D
Quality of life

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