The Centre-Val de Loire region: a magnet for foreign investors


With one foreign company every two-and-a-half weeks on average announcing their investment in the Centre-Val de Loire, such companies continued to play a decisive role in the regional economy in 2014! The Centre-Val de Loire is now also the no.1 region in France for the creation of industrial jobs!


Foreign investors choose the Centre-Loire valley region 

With 25 projects listed and 2,115 jobs created/maintained by foreign companies in 2014, the Centre-Val de Loire region beat the previous average of 14 annual projects over the 2010-2014 period by a long way. The average number of jobs per project has also gone up for the first time in five years (85 jobs/project in 2014 versus 66 over the 2010‐2014 period). Regarding the type of investments made, site extensions (15) and company takeovers (10) are now more common than start-ups from scratch.


A wider range of investment sources 
is still the leading supplier of investment projects and jobs for the Centre-Loire valley region (40%). With 28% of projects, North America is in 2nd place. That said, both of these regions are steadily losing ground to the emerging economies, from which 6 out of 25 projects came in 2014. The Centre-Loire valley region has, moreover, seen its first investments being made from Africa, with no fewer than 5 coming from North Africa. These have enabled some 1,000 jobs to be created or maintained.  

The Centre-Loire valley region: a magnet for industrial jobs  

In 2014 two-thirds of investment projects and 80% of the jobs created/maintained in the Centre-Val de Loire region involving foreign companies concerned Production roles. Incidentally, the region is now the leader for new "Production" jobs in mainland France (1,769 announced in 2014). This can be explained by the size of the industrial sector in the Centre-Val de Loire region – the 3rd for industrial subcontracting in France. In the same way, the projects listed reflect the region's top industrial activities: over the 2010-2014 period, almost a third of projects and jobs created/maintained concerned the pharmaceuticals, mechanical equipment, plastics processing and household equipment sectors. 
Logistics has also been well represented with the region's prime geographical location and outstanding transport infrastructure having a positive impact on this activity. 
Over the 2010‐2014 period, 74.2% of projects undertaken by foreign companies and 89.2% of jobs created/maintained through these projects concerned the Production and Logistics sectors.


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