The Centre-Loire valley region promotes its strengths to belgian and dutch investors


On 16 September, alongside the prize-giving ceremony rewarding Belgium’s Investor of the Year in France, CENTRECO organised a meeting of some forty Belgian and Dutch executives in order to present our region’s many advantages to them. An opportunity to make fresh contacts with a view to hosting new development projects in the Centre-Loire valley Region.


A regional initiative on shared prospecting action   

On 15 and 16 September, CENTRECO and the Centre-Loire Valley’s 4 départemental economic development agencies (Ad2t, Adei, Codel and Loire&Orléans Eco) pooled their resources to carry out a business prospecting operation aimed at Belgian and Dutch enterprises. Meetings were held with companies previously identified as having development projects in the pipeline in France. Fruitful exchanges led to better understanding of each project’s specificities and enabled the Centre-Loire Valley Region to demonstrate that it might well provide an ideal answer. Visits to the region by prospective companies should be taking place over the next few months.

The initiative was followed by a presentation of the Centre-Loire Valley Region at the Royal Academy in Brussels, before an audience of some forty Belgian and Dutch businesspeople.

In the presence of Marie-Madeleine Mialot, Vice-President of Centre-Loire Valley Regional Council and President of CENTRECO (photo opposite), the region’s characteristics were presented, highlighting its undoubted advantages for any enterprise looking to develop further.
Points made during the presentation were supported by the testimony of Olivier Chapelle, CEO of Recticel, a Belgian company specialising in insulation materials, which located in Bourges (Cher) in 2013. He shared his experience with the attendees, explaining the reasons that led him to choose the Centre-Loire Valley Region, chief of which were the region’s logistical advantages and the competence and responsiveness of its teams.

NB: Recticel was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 2013 Best Belgian Investor in France prize-giving ceremony (see below).



The Best Belgian Investor in France   


Belgium is the European country with the most companies located in France (over 4 000 enterprises employing more than 110,000 people), and the second worldwide, behind the United States.

The above events were held before the prize-giving ceremony rewarding the Best Belgian Investor in France, organised in Brussels by Business France for the 4th year running. 11 companies were nominated in 3 separate categories. Winners for 2015 were:

  • Most Innovative Investment Prize: Ecophos (Nord-Pas-de-Calais region)
  • Most Structuring Investment Prize: Punch Powerglide (Alsace region) 
  • Special Jury Prize: Trotec (Rhône-Alpes region)



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