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> 35 different nationalities
> 517 companies
> 52,660 employees
> No.1 investor : the United States
> Growing Maghrebin & Asian presence


The United States - No. 1 foreign investor in the Centre-Loire valley region

In mid 2015, there were 517 foreign-owned companies (+ 10% compared to 2013) in the Centre-Loire valley region, of 35 different nationalities. 52,660 employees work for this kind of company, of which 1/4 specifically for North American-owned businesses, the United States remaining the No.1 foreign investor in the region.
Europe is still a major partner - Germany is the No.1 European country in terms of workforce employed (5,845 employees) and  in terms of number of companies (75) in the Centre-Loire valley region.


New sources of capital

Since the last version of the study in 2013, Asia has increased its holdings in regional companies.Although Japan largely dominates these investments (19 establishments and over 2 300 employees), China has increased its presence with 5 establishments compared with 2 in 2013.Absent from the region in 2013, 3 countries from the Maghreb have since invested in 7 establishments and employ over 1 100 employees. This capital has mainly been invested in household equipment with the take-over of the Spanish company Fagor- Brandt by the Algerian company Cévital




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