A French region where the living is good

> Located 1 hour south of Paris
> 280 km inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
> Numerous classified sites: the Loire Châteaux, etc.
> 9 million tourists a year
> Attractive real estate offer
> World-renowned gastronomic and cultural heritage

With 280 km inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Centre-Loire Valley region's renown lies in the quality of its art of living and its land, the legacy of an epicurean tradition which is still today considered as an international reference. Its preserved environment, its varied landscapes and the wealth of its history also contribute to the region's appeal.

Centre-Loire valley region: not just a region, but an opportunity to do business and to flourish

At the heart of diverse natural regions (Sologne, Touraine, Perche, Berry, etc.), the Centre-Loire valley region is home to a preserved cultural and historic heritage which attracts no fewer than 9 million tourists each year, drawn by its pleasant lifestyle punctuated by major events (Printemps de Bourges, Festival de Loire, etc.).
To live in the Centre-Loire valley region is to live on the doorstep of:

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Many advantages for its inhabitants

The No. 4 French region in terms of area (39,151 km²), the Centre-Loire valley is a region firmly focused on modernity, with a population comprising an increasing number of working people, drawn by an outstanding quality of life:

  • an available and attractive housing stock
  • a rich cultural life
    2 national theatres, 65 museums, entertainment venues, festivals all year round such as BD Boum in Blois, Orléans’Jazz, etc.
  • family-dedicated infrastructures
    Over 300 crèches and nurseries, almost 300 secondary schools, over 180 sixth-form colleges, etc.
  • lively student life
    Around 60,000 students choose the Centre-Val de Loire region each year

Loire celebration  
  • major transport networks which make life easier for the region's inhabitants
    Motorway (9 motorways run through the Centre region), railway (TGV - High Speed Train - connections, almost 400 regional trains a day), air transport (1 passenger airport in Tours, various airfields), urban transport (bus, trams in Orléans and Tours), etc.
  • Did you know ?

    110 products are inscribed on the Inventory of culinary heritage of the Centre-Loire valley region.

    a world-renowned gastronomic heritage (tarte Tatin, "poire tapée" pear speciality, green Berry lentils, Tours nougat, Selles-sur Cher and Crottin de Chavignol goat's cheeses, etc.)

  • France's No.3 wine-making region and the country's leading region for still white wines, the Loire Valley offers a wide selection of quality wines (Saumur, Chinon, Bourgueil, Vouvray, Touraine, Sancerre, etc.


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