> Sustainability of Water Resources Associated with Milieus
> Certified as a competitive cluster in 2010
> 80 players

Certified as a competitive cluster in 2010, DREAM, a law of 1901 association, came into being in 2007 at the initiative of Orleans Technopole, which had noted the high numbers of researchers, engineers and technicians in the region who specialised in the fields of soil, substrata, water, forests and biodiversity (including CNRS, INRA, BRGM, CEMAGREF, and Regional Water Agency, along with a range of companies).


16 rue Léonard de Vinci
45074 ORLEANS Cedex 2


Tel: +33 (0)2 38 69 80 95


currently incorporates some eighty players in the water sector, focusing on sustainability of water resources and of the milieus with which they are associated.

The cluster’s objective is to help increase the region’s drawing power through creation of new resources and furtherance of economic development by :

  • Bringing about greater synergy between economic players and researchers focusing on water
  • Promotion of collaborative projects between partners from the industrial world and the research world
  • Encouraging “Research to Industry” technology transfers, so speeding up innovation within companies.

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