7 reasons to choose the Centre-Loire Valley region

> 471 foreign-owned companies

Numerous international companies

> 30 different nationalities

> No.1 partner: Europe

> No.1 foreign investor: the United States

> Growing Asian presence 

Its ideal location and wide-ranging expertise reinforce the Centre-Loire valley region's economic attractiveness for foreign businesses. 

471 foreign-owned companies

In a study carried out in 2013 by Centréco and the CCIR-Centre, 471 foreign-owned companies (+ 6 % compared to 2011) were counted in the Centre-Loire valley region, of 30 different nationalities. 52,239 employees work for these businesses, 1/3 of whom specifically for North American-owned businesses, the United States remaining the No.1 investor in the region. Europe is still a major partner - the UK is the No.1 European country in terms of workforce employed (6,654 employees) and Germany is the leader in terms of number of companies (64) in the Centre-Loire valley region.
In recent years, the Centre-Loire valley region has benefited from the arrival of Australian and Saudi capital. Still emerging, Asian presence in the Centre-Loire valley region tends to stay there. In addition to Japanese capital which has long been invested in the Loiret département (Shiseido, Honda, Hitachi, etc.), the region also attracts South Korean (Pacific Création) and Chinese investors (Brancher Kingswood).

The automotive, health and electronics sectors employ over 40% of the workforce


MBDA (1 700 employees),
Delphi France (1 672 employees),
STMicroelectronics (1 460 employees),
SKF France (1 240 employees),
FAMAR (926 employees),
Amazon logistique (881 employees)

The sectors most represented by foreign-owned companies are Automotive, Health, Electronics, Mechanical engineering & Metalworking, Agri-food, Logistics, Packaging, Construction, Aeronautics, Household goods, Cosmetics, Rubber & Plastics and Graphic Industries. The Automotive, Health and Electronics sectors employ over 40% of the regional workforce of foreign-owned businesses.

NB: the logistics sector rose from 8th to 6th place between 2011 and 2013. This growth came partly as a result of the rapid development of American company Amazon which, since 2011, has continued to grow and which has created more than 400 jobs at its platform in Saran (Loiret). This result can also be explained by the creation of Danish company LIDL's distribution platform in Sorigny (Indre-et-Loire) which employs 250 people, and also by the development of service providing agencies such as Swiss firm Kuehne + Nagel and American company FEDEX. 



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