> French regional aeronautics Pole of Excellence 

> Member of the GIFAS since 2010

> 63 members (02/01/2014)

The French Centre-Loire Valley region’s aeronautics industry is made up of a rich and diversified network of major groups and high-performance SMEs and SMIs covering all activity segments of the sector, along with laboratories and public research centres staffed by highly skilled personnel.

Aérocentre is a regional pole of excellence that brings together companies working in the French aviation industry sector, of which there are over 320 in the Centre-Loire Valley region. Its mission is to develop, federate and innovate with regard to aeronautical activities at national and international level – in all, a collective approach that seeks to promote the sector and increase the visibility of the expertise of the companies that make it up.


ZIAP - 1 place Marcel Dassault
36130 DEOLS

Christine DENIS

Tel: +33 (0)2 54 22 55 93


The Aérocentre cluster seeks to promote :

  • research and performance through cooperation
  • overall best use of resources through synergy
  • human resources and training
  • research and innovation in products, procedures and associated services

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